for Android and iOS



A frantic endless-runner where your reactions, timing and judgement

will be tested to the extreme!

(Oh, and you play as a naked person holding an egg)


Why is Nekid boy running? Why is Nekid boy naked? What's with the egg?!

Find the answers to none of these questions during your time

playing this game - right now!



Tap, or even double tap (wow!) to jump and avoid oncoming rocks.

Just why are the rocks so neatly lined up?

 Can't Nekid boy just step to the left or right and comfortably

avoid all obstacles? Play and you shan't find out!


Go for gold!


Challenge your friends!


Easy to play, hard to master!



- A person dubbed 'Nekid boy'.

- Rocks. Lots of rocks. Rocky rocks.

- Custom jump physics.

- Double jumps.

- Jaw-dropping scenery.

- A funky-looking egg.



'Amazing' features include:


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